Sunday, January 20, 2013

How To Be A Cheap Date

I will be this first to admit, I am a thrifty person. But this time of year, my "off" season, it is even more important to pinch those pennies. You see, I do arts and crafts shows for a living and between January and April, they are few and far between.
So this is a tutorial on how to have a great night out with your significant other for around $20.

Movies 10 was the best thing to ever happen to the budgeted night out. And on Tuesdays, your admittance is a mere $1. Craig and I went and saw Cloud Atlas. (it was a pretty decent movie, but in my opinion, one that you have to see many times in order to get from it all that it has to give. Oh, and you need the attention span of a Saint, let your mind wander for even a moment and you will miss something) But for just a dollar, we were entertained for about three hours!

our Movies 10 in Henrietta,NY 
After a three hour movie, you know we are famished. So we head out for some Indian food.
It's a little known fact, that at most buffets, you can get take-out by paying by the pound. Tandoor of India  is one of our faves and is located right in Henrietta. (Less than 2 miles from the theater) And it just so happens that on Tuesday nights they have a dinner buffet. 

The picture below is one of three large buffet tables filled with the most scrumptious Indian food. You know as well as I do, that when you eat at a buffet, because you want to try at least one helping of everything, you end up feeling like you should be rolled out of the joint, or possibly fork lifted for that matter. Craig and I get the best of three worlds when we fill a to-go container instead of sitting down to eat.  We get to sample a little of everything, we don't get uncomfortably full because of the unlimited food, and we pay a lot less. 

I'm getting hungry just looking at their spread! 
To sit down at Tandoor and enjoy the buffet costs about $12 per person. "To go" costs $5.99/pound. We ended up spending only $11 on almost 2 pounds of food! Now our total for "Date Night" has come to $13 so far. 
I admit, I prepared for our outing with the intention of spending as little as possible, so I brought a can of soda from home to enjoy with our dinner. We ate a lovely dinner in the car while listening to our favorite tunes and having nice conversation. Normally we might have driven home and eaten our dinner in front of the TV, but Date Night was not over yet, we had $7 to burn!! 
So after dinner, we decided to take a stroll around the plaza. It just so happens that this particular plaza has three different thrift shops in it. So we spent about an hour walking to each one and looking for treasures. 

always on the lookout for spoons
I found some spoons and a new pair of jeans. Craig also found a nice pair of pants. Bringing our Date Night total to just a little over $20.
So, if you put your mind to it, you and your date can go see a blockbuster movie, eat a gourmet meal and buy whole new outfits  for just over $20. 

Do you have a thrifty tips to contribute? Feel free to comment below and share them with us!

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