Monday, July 30, 2012

This is how cool Deadheads are

Earlier this month at the Canandaigua Furthur show I ran into a fellow vendor who was selling these amazing wood burned boxes. I had to have one. On her table sat 3 stealie boxes like the one pictured below. The one I wanted had a lyric from one of my favorite Dead songs printed on the inside. I asked if she would set it aside until I made some money that day. She said that she would keep it out on the table to show potential customers what she could make but would not sell that one.

Later in the day after I had sold some spoons, I went back to purchase the box. She had accidentally sold the one I wanted. I asked if I payed her now, could she make me a stealie box with custom lyrics in it. We happened to be going to the same festival in just a few short weeks (All Good)  so she said she could do that and bring it there for me. I paid her for the box and we exchanged numbers so that we could find each other at All Good. 

All good turned out to be a much bigger festival than we were both expecting and because things get crazy, we never ran into each other there and truth be told, I had forgotten all about the box. Days later, I get a text from her letting me know that she had not forgotten about me and that she was going to mail me the box. And today, it came in the mail, even more beautiful than I remember. Such amazing artistry. I'm in love with it! 

Morel of the story: I guess it may be naive to trust in people I just met. It's been a habit of mine my whole life. But when I do, and it works out, my faith in the goodness of humanity is strengthened. Thanks Kat, for being the honest good person that you are. I wish you nothing but success and have no doubt that you will get it. Your work is beautiful, just like you. :) 

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