Friday, July 27, 2012

How good was All Good?

Last Tuesday the 17th, my cousin Eric and I made the trek  from Rochester,NY to Legend Valley in Thornville, OH for the 16th annual All Good festival. I was particularly psyched to be accepted as a vendor because I feel like it is the crown and glory of all that I have worked for and love. Music and Art. But would it prove to be a success?
Lord knows that for the last few months I have been stressing out a bit about this show because of all of the unknowns. Will my booth be in a decent spot? Will people like my product? Did I make enough merchandise to sell? Well, the short answer is yes, yes and yes. 

I knew going in that I did not get a spot in the main venue. When they finally showed us the layout and where we would be vending, I was pretty pleased. "Shakedown" (the row of vendors I was placed with) was located in a spot where most everyone had to walk through to either get to their camping site, the main concert area or the second stage. and I was pretty much smack dab in the middle of all of the handmade vendors. Definitely a great spot.

Aly and Beau's booth, amazing OOAK clothing and accessories

I got really lucky and put next to an amazing couple who make one of a kind clothing, accessories and wooden creations. Aly, Beau and their friend Angie kind of took me under their wing and showed me the ropes. If it were not for them, my week in OH would not have been half as fun. 

So, here is the breakdown, was All Good all good?

All in all, All Good was worth it for me. If I was just speaking strictly about money making, I would say that I was a little disappointed, but because this was OH's first All Good (they had moved it from West Virginia) attendance can only get better and logistics as well.  Some of the other vendors mentioned to me that their sales were down from last year too. Having All Good on the same weekend as Gathering Of The Vibes doesn't help much either, but I bet that is all worked out next year. I definitely plan on keeping that weekend open for next year's event, if they will have me. 

In the main venue to see Bob and Phil rip it up 

Dragon dance right on Shakedown! 

Saturday night breakthrough!! Spoon dread beads!  (sold 2!)

Oh yeah, one last thing to put in the 'pro' category, I can actually relax a little for the rest of the summer because I went a little overboard in preparation for All Good. Still have a ton of stock left which means I'll be able to actually enjoy the next month or so. Maybe i'll do some bike riding, or a walk on the beach with the dogs perhaps...


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  1. glad you enjoyed the show! Your booth looked AWESOME all lit up! How is the banner working out? Do you need some weight attached still? I haven't seen you in SO long! Hope you do take some time to relax :)