Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meet You In Atlantic City (and WOW)

I am totally taking a (half) day off today. Screw the consequences, I need 'me' time.

I really got a ton done yesterday. A couple of my friends came over and helped me crank out about 30 more spoon rings. Usually I average about 6 a day.  I have never had anyone in my shop help me before, but the extra hands were a welcome surprise and a saving grace.

115 rings total

Today is a great day for a day off.  Bruce Hornsby is playing for free down at the Party in the Park later on. I am a huge Hornsby fan. He played keys for The Dead in over 100 of their shows in the late 80's and all through the 90's. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to shake his hand a the show in Chatauqua a few years back. Softest. Hands. EVER.

Plus this weekend (starting tomorrow!!) is the 3 night Phish run in Atlantic City. Just did the final prep for the spoons I want to sell there. All I have to do is pack for the weekend and I'm done!! I have been working so hard the last couple of months. This mini vacation is coming at the perfect time. I could use a few days to let my hair down. I will definitely be dancing like nobody is watching.

Yay!! This weekend is going to be the BOMB! The perma-grin is already in place, I'm ready to rock!

WOW (Word of the Week) 

This week's WOW is:"YEM" (one of the Phish songs I want to hear this weekend, short for You Enjoy Myself) 

How to get your discount: 

In person - mention this word when you see me at Bader Field this weekend and get $5 off of your $25 or more purchase and $2 under $25 

Online - enter the word of the week in as a discount code at check-out to get $3 off of your total purchase at 

offer expires 06/18/12

I actually DON'T sell these at Phish concerts. Phish is very strict about what
is sold in the parking lot of their concerts. 

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