Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Did I Bite Off More Than I Can Chew?

Yikes! It's the middle of June already!! What the heck happened to May?
I'm getting a little nervous because I have 6 shows on the calender for July. Being a 'one man band' it's a lot of pressure to get the work done. It seems although I work all week just to replenish the stock I sold the weekend before.

Allen West: June 9-10th
My spoons take about three days to make each. I can make them in batches of 10 or so, but I compromise quality if I try to 'mass produce' them. For the last month or so, I find myself working 12-18 hour days during the week and then off to a show on the weekends. I feel like there is no room for error or time to deal with unexpected problems these days. 
I am kind of glad it's raining outside. Makes me not feel so bad for missing out on a beautiful summer day and I save an hour by not having to walk the dogs. Maybe I actually WILL catch up on work today!  

hand painted original design by Sunshyne Silverwear 

The thing that I am most concerned about is the All Good Music Festival that I was accepted to. It is a HUGE foot in the door to this and other music festivals and it is right up my alley since I got my start selling my necklaces at music concerts.  Thing is, I don't know what to expect as far as foot traffic and sales. I have never done a show of this caliber before. Am I going to sell $2000 in merch in the 3 days or $10,000? If it's closer to the latter then I am not even close with what I have made in stock! Will the 4 shows I have before All Good deplete my stock before I can make enough for that weekend? What supplies will I need for that weekend that I don't already have? Extension cords, lights, fire extinguisher, new signs, more business cards? (...and the list goes on and on) Will all this stuff fit in my little Honda Fit?. Oy, it's too much too think about. (although I was up from 1:45 am to 4am doing just that) 

Honda Fit trunk. I may need a roof rack! 
Well, I guess the only thing I can do is keep truckin' and doing  my thing. Only time will tell how much stock I will need and if I do a little at a time to prepare for All Good, then it wont seem like such an intimidating monster of a show. I guess I'm just humbled that they even picked me to be a part of the festival and I want to make sure I do it right. I have sold my wares in the parking lot of many a concert and this is my first time as a 'legit' vendor. I'm psyched! 
I'll try not to let this photo from last year's All Good freak me out too much ;) 

Time to get my spoon on! Wish me luck!! 

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  1. What about having a few finished pieces on hand that you can make more of and presenting them as opportunities for people to take orders when you run out....? Kind of like wholesale samples? Could be something if you really run out.