Monday, April 30, 2012

Walk With The Dogs Part II: A Veteran In Distress

I was still thinking about the wizard sighting as I stepped up onto the porch after my walk. Although the music was still blaring in my ears from my iPhone I heard someone calling me 'Miss, Miss, can you please help me a moment' he said. I looked over and saw an elderly gentleman in a motorized wheelchair trying to flag me down. I put the dogs in the house and walked over to him. He had said his wheelchair ran out of juice and could I get the charger from his apartment so that he could get back home. He lives at the old folk's high rise on the corner, Seneca Towers.

Seneca Towers

So I took his key and went to grab the charger. When I got back we hooked up his chair to the power at my house. So now we had plenty of time to talk while his chair powered up, and boy did we ever!! I learned some very strange facts about this bizarre man.

* His name is Avis, but goes by AJ or Al
* He is 70 years old and while his body may be deteriorating, be seemed sharp as a tack
* He has 9 children by 3 different women but has never been married. Two out of the three women are related (mother and daughter!) 
* Was a top ranking officer in Vietnam and took a bullet to the lung. They had to amputate the lung. (he has been on oxygen for decades)
* Has 13 sisters and 2 brothers, all but one sibling by the same father. 
*Was raised by his Portuguese stepfather who took him out to the woods one day to take the evil out of him by letting a rattlesnake slither over his foot.  
* He is part of the 'Blackfoot Tribe' and was raised in a cave up in the mountains of Georgia  

Those are just a few of the interesting tid bits this fellow shared with me. As nightfall approached, he found that the chair was charged enough to get him home, so after a handshake and a goodbye, he rolled down the driveway and was gone. 

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