Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lupus Awareness Month: Support The Cause

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that effects 1.5 million people in the US alone. While there are medications available to help treat symptoms of Lupus, (fatigue, joint and muscle pain, skin, heart and lung problems and hair loss are just a few) there is still no cure for the disease. 

The color purple is reserved for diseases that are considered 'invisible' or rather, you wouldn't know someone has it just by looking at them. Purple has been deemed the official color of Lupus


The universal symbol for Lupus is the butterfly.  The butterfly describes the shape of the rash that some people living with lupus get. It is also the symbol of beauty, rebirth, transformation, new beginnings, freedom and growth. 

The spoon symbolizes Christine Miserandino's 'spoon theory' which describes what living with lupus is like.  


Odds are, there is someone in your life living with Lupus. Here is your chance to help out a great cause twice. When you purchase  this pendant in the month of May, 50% of the retail price goes straight to the Lupus Foundation  and now that you know a little about the background of Lupus, wearing your beautiful pendant can help spread awareness about the disease. 

Available at sunshynesilverwear.com in May
The image if this beautiful butterfly floats between layers of resin which gives it a wonderful three dimensional quality. The background, hand painted violet, shows the distressed texture of the brushstrokes and giving it a uniqueness all it's own. 
Each pendant is made to order and takes 3 days for completion. 
A complimentary 18 inch cotton and ribbon necklace comes with this piece, free of charge.


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