Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Holy Crap! I really did it!!

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a huge fan of the Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers and the like.  In 2006, my friend Kadi convinced me we should pay our way to the shows by selling help necklaces in the parking lot. My love for creating things, music, and conversing with people from all walks of life were merged all in one day. I was hooked! 
Kadi and I at the Darien Lake 'Dead' show in 2006.
One of the first times selling my wares 'on lot'
Now, I could afford to go to more shows and enhance my concert experience as a whole. For years to come I would walk around the lot, make a few bucks and always make it into the show, sold out or not. It was heaven. 
2008 'Dead' show with Kadi and Denae at Penn State. 
I traveled all accross the country funding my love for music and travel selling hemp necklaces and in late 2008 my first spoon pendants were born. They debuted at the Phish reunion shows at Hampton Colosseum in VA, early 2009. 
Day 1 of the 3 day run
OK, so we didn't get into the 3rd night at Hampton, tickets were going for
$700 each! We did have an amazing time hanging in the parking lot
  Next thing you know, I hang up my spoon rack and upgrade to an EZ-up tent to sell my wares. Not only an I selling at shows now, but I apply and get into a bunch of local arts and craft shows. I'm loving life! 
with the EZ-up, now i can hang out all day in the shade!
There is just one last step in the progression of music+craft selling, and that is to apply to a music festival. These festivals are usually 3 days long with live music at all hours of the day and night, thousands upon thousands of attendees and everyone camps out right on site. An amazing experience and one I would recommend to anyone with an open mind. These festivals can be life changers. AND I JUST APPLIED TO BE A VENDOR AT ONE OF THE GREATEST FESTIVALS IN THE USA! 
official 2012 advertisement 

All Good  is a combination of everything I love. Good music, good people, good friends and hopefully a craft vending spot! 
Oh yeah! 
It's a lot more expensive than the craft shows I am used to, but the whole experience alone will be worth it ten fold. I'm so psyched about it, I REALLY hope I get in! 
Wish me luck!!!