Monday, February 20, 2012

Beauty All Around

Before I quit my day job I was always in a rush and constantly running late. It was as though I was living life with tunnel vision trying to perform all of my responsibilities for the day.  Now that I'm self employed I have finally found a little more time to appreciate the world around me. It's although the blinders have been taken off and I am no longer living on auto-pilot. I am surprised daily with the beauty right in my own back yard.

For the last 4 months or so, I have been taking random pictures with my iPhone on my daily walks with the dogs.  Here are just a few of the little slices of loveliness I happen to capture along the way. 
Before the first frost
fast forward 30 seconds to the torrential downpour.
We were 1.5 miles from home  :(
My neighbor's tree. Looks so lovely in the winter against
the white snow.
Pretty moss! And it is just as soft as it looks ;) 
The day after a huge snowstorm. Thank you plowman! 

Get that stick Beasley! 

Found on the side of the Vet's Memorial Bridge. Not sure
what it means, but it looks pretty cool. 
 This last picture collage was a gift to my sister for Christmas. All the photos were taken on the same day, on the same walk. It's funny, the things you see when you are actually looking. 
Looking for love in all the right places
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  1. Impressed with those pics. Great vision Erin! iPhone 4G?

  2. It's the iPhone just before the new one. I think it's the 4G. Gotta love the instagram ap!