Sunday, February 19, 2012

A productive Sunday...considering

The one major downside of quitting a 9 to 5 to follow your dreams is not having medical insurance.  I didn't really feel the loss of it until I woke up with an ear ache today. I'm talking ice pick to the brain kind of ear ache. Thank goodness my sister had a full prescription of amoxicillin she never used that she gave to me.
You know, it's not really even the cost of the medication, hell, it's free at Wegmans, its the cost of the doctor's appointment to get the prescription I already know I need. Time to cut corners folks, and with a little knowledge of my own body and a little internet research, I'm cutting out the middle man and going straight for the antibiotic.

So even though i'm in a bit of pain, I still managed to get a bunch of custom orders finished today. All while watching one of my favorite shows from the 90's 'My So Called Life'
(Jordan Catalano, what a dream boat!)
At this point I was feeling pretty productive, so I treat the doggies to a long walk before the sun went down. We usually go for a good trek every day, but I had pretty much written off even leaving the house when I woke up to my ear infection.
I have been playing a game with the dogs. Tell them to sit and stay and see how long they do what I ask before they run full speed towards me. We got pretty far today. I'm proud of my good girls.
This video was taken at the Seneca Park bridge. Unless it's sunny and at least 65 degrees out, it's usually pretty deserted. Perfect spot for a little doggy exercise! 

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