Sunday, June 12, 2011

Word of the day...

As a new fun way to get the word out about my upcoming shows and my facebook fan page  I have decided to do a 'word of the day' promotion. The week before an upcoming arts and crafts show, look for the 'word of the day' posted on my facebook fan page, its worth $5 off of your purchase of $25 or more, or $2 if your purchase is under $25.
All you have to do is mention the word when you visit me at my booth at shows and you get the discount! It's as easy as that!

(as always, if you mention that you are a fan of my Facebook fan page you get $3 off of your purchase of $25 or more, no combining discounts permitted)

Coming soon as my Facebook fan page hits 200 fans, look for a celebratory GIVEAWAY everyone can enter!


  1. Cool idea! Love your stuff and you're sooo cute!!! :D Maybe I'll see you at the Indie Garage Sale in August!!