Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's all about ME

Ok, so I thought that I should introduce myself properly and invite you into my life a little. This is me doing what I love. I'm at a art show held in a local bar in Ithaca,NY (one of the coolest towns I might add) This was last summer, July maybe. My friends Jen and Nicole invited me to take part. Sold only 3 necklaces, but had myself a real good time. Over the rest of the summer and fall, I sold most of the necklaces you see behind me on tour with the band Phish.

Next up, are two of the bestest doggies in the whole wide world. Introducing....LOLA and BEASLEY! I have had Lola for my whole adult life. Watched her be born and knew she was going to be mine in that instant. She will have her 10th birthday October 24th. She has been my best friend through thick and thin. Love that dog.

Beasley is Lola's daughter, Born in the corner of my living room on November 12th 2004. She had the coolest markings on her face/head. When she was a pup, it looked like a white flame on the top of her head. She is the attention whore of the two, but also the more fun loving. There is no place she would rather be then as close to me or Craig as possible. She is our 55 pound lap dog.

The picture above, I really should not be posting. This is me admitting to being a complete slob. MY CRAFT CLOSET :D In my defense, it is a very well organized mess. Unfortunately I live in a very small apartment with the 2 dogs and my boyfriend. So this is the only available place to put all of my arts and crafts goodies. Each day I want to work on a project, I drag out all the supplies I need and destroy the living room for a full day or more.
We do actually have a second bedroom, which is supposed to be the computer room, but somehow became the 'man cave'. Long term goal: make enough money on Etsy to be able to finish the attic and have my very own studio.

The rest of these pics are of me at work doing what I love most. Traveling round the country selling my wares. In this pic, I have to give props Kadi, she is one of my BEST friends and the person who got me into the scene. Before her, I only worked on arts and crafts for myself and gifts for others, but she saw potential in me and taught me a thing or two (or three!) about selling my creations for fun and profit. Thanks Kadi, you are the best. This is us at the Ratdog show right in our back yard at the Highland Bowl last summer. Had a bLaSt at that show.

This is my very first day selling hemp necklaces on Phil Lesh and friend's tour. July 8,2006

Ahh, this is one of my finest memories of last year. This is Kyle and I at the Hampton Coliseum (the mother ship!)For the Phish reunion. What a CRAZY 4 days that was. Three sold out shows and Kyle and I end up getting into the first two.(tickets on lot were going for upwards of $700 each. We got ours for face value. This pic was taken night three, not getting into that show was a blessing in disguise. Kyle and I walked around the lot all night talked, and ended up hanging out with a bunch of really cool folks. It was a bonding experience and we have been friends ever since.

Well, I guess that is all for now. More posts to come. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Peace ~ Erin

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