Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Booth Set-Up - Part II

So, I didn't quite make my deadline of having everything done by the show in Letchworth last weekend. Got pretty close though.
I made these pretty cool wind chimes out of unusable silver-plated spoon heads and ply board that I designed and was cut into the shape of clouds. (Thanks Todd!)

After about 10 coats of paint, (both sides!) I drilled holes along the bottom of the clouds and strung the pre-drilled spoons up with fishing line. (They actually have a really pretty jingle-jangle sound when swaying in the breeze.)
The thing is, when the side walls of my tent are up, the clouds just kind of blend in. Next step is to paint a black border around them and make them actual signs for my booth. One will say "SPOON RINGS" and the other maybe "MADE WITH REAL FEATHERS, FERNS AND FLOWERS"  I also have to find a better place to hang them.

new booth! So proud of it, but I still have a ways to go
I also made a new sign for the front of my booth, and found that it is WAY more visible than the previous one I had.

old display, yikes! Not very captivating. 
As you also may notice, I had some lovely fitted tablecloths and a table runner made by Tiffany from Freckles and Frizz. They really bring the whole booth together and give it a warm, inviting feeling. I absolutely LOVE them.  She also made the banners for the outside and inside of my booth.

inside banner by Freckles and Frizz
My set-up has come a long way this year, and it would not have been possible without her expertise. :) 

Next, I want to make a sign for the outside of my booth. One that will hang above everyone heads and can be seen from all the way down the isle. 

Also making a new booth set-up for the shows I do indoors. Here is a sneak peak of my sign...

Decoupaged with the pages of an old German novel 

Until next time....


  1. Love the new booth set up, and love Freckles and Fizz.

  2. It looks great Erin! Thanks for the shout out! Now I have to get thinking about my own booth display :) Trial and error...