Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lovely Story

A few weekends ago I did a one day show here in Rochester called Wedgestock. To my surprise, a customer contacted me a few days later and shared with me this story:

Dear Erin,
    It was too busy on Saturday to tell you this story, but I want to share it now.
A woman I met while on a writing workshop/retreat at Omega Institute 
told me about The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee.
    Right after meeting her, our teacher, Coleman Banks, gave us an assignment 
to write about an animal and relate it to something in our lives.  I wrote this poem, 
below, touched  my sisters, especially the one who lives the furthest away, in Memphis. 
(It was published eventually in my book of poetry, Sifting Through The Words.)  I bought
the elephant spoon necklace for her 50th birthday coming up September 8th:

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Never Forget by elaine heveron
from the book Sifting Through The Words

There's a woman in Hohenwald, Tennessee
          whose calling it is to rescue elephants.
When their circus or zoo time is finished,
          she gives them a home.
Feeding these huge hep creatures,
          washing them, letting them roam,
she provides a refuge, a safe place
          to enjoy their lives,
free from painful isolation,
          free from entertaining humans.
An elephant called Shirley, arrived one Sunday,
          and stunned her host when she screamed
at the sight of another female named Jenny.  
          Strangely, Jenny screamed in return.

The shocked caretaker couldn't grasp, at
          first, what was happening -- as the
elephant's two trunks intertwined and lifted--
          drawing them in to each other.  Giant
tears fell from the small gray eyes of these females.

Caresses ensued; for days this affection went on.
Eventually she learned what was clear to elephants
Shirley and Jenny: they were sisters--separated
          for twenty-three  years--and now, reunited
          at this blessing of a sanctuary.

How can I let my three sisters know
          that I love them like that?
In a culture of infrequent touch,
          I could cry at the sight of them,
at the fact of their being alive.


take care,

elaine heveron


I absolutely loved the poem and Elaine was kind enough to allow me to share it with you guys. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 

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