Monday, March 19, 2012

Signs of Spring

In years past, it would be no surprise to be up to our knees in snow around this time of year.  This year, Rochester caught a break and we have had sunny weather in the mid sixties for the last week or two. (and 70's to come next week!!!)   

Lately I have been taking the dogs for 2 walks a day. On our morning walk today, we found many new signs of spring at every turn. 

I am absolutely loving June weather in March. Only bad part is, is that it has been very hard to focus on making pendants when the sun is shining and there is a warm breeze flowing through the open windows. 

At least today has not been completely unproductive. I sat on the spot of the floor where the sun was coming in, surrounded by stacks of paper, and organized my tax info for 2011. I obviously had been putting that off for a while. It was a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. I think I will reward myself with another walk to the park with the dogs. 

When you see me this summer and my pendant display is bare, you will know that it is not because I've sold out, but rather slacked off this spring.

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Makes me think of the Popeye's character 'Wimpy', who's M.O. is enjoying something today that he wont have to pay for until later. 
I guess the moral of the story is that I have to find the balance between living in the 'now' and preparing for the future.  I will ponder that while the sun is warming my shoulders and a light breeze is blowing through my hair...

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  1. Being your own boss has it's perks and freedoms. We are as successful as we want to be, and we put up our own barriers, but we can take those barriers down on our own free will. Enjoy....