Monday, February 21, 2011

The Artists In My Life

Throughout my life, i have always been surrounded by creative, talented people. As a new segment to my blog I would like to showcase the talents of those close to me. There are so many wonderfully gifted people I was having trouble deciding on who to start with, then it came to me (and was such an obvious answer) My own mother, Gail Daitz. 

As far back as I remember, my mother has always written witty, funny and heartfelt poems and I would love to share a few with my readers. But first, lets get to know Mom a little: 

SSSW: When did you first discover your creative talents?
GD: I think I was in Kindergarten, it was just before Father's Day
we were making cards for our Dad. Enclosed is the card, that my Dad so loving sent to me. Inside it said "Roses are red, violets are blue, you love me and I love you".

SSSW:  How would you describe your style?
GD: Whimsical and reflective

SSSW: What influences your work? 
GD: I can be anywhere, and become immediately inspired, the grocery store, my kitchen, I remember
a time when I was on the job Nursing, administering medications, and it hit me, I grabbed a paper towel and began to write in between patients. It's pretty spontaneous.

SSSW: Describe yourself in 5 words.
GD: Silly, strong-willed, caring, organized, Spiritual

Now for a little taste of Moms poetry:

T'was the day after Christmas,
and all was askew,
The tree was all dried out,
didn't water it, did you?

The wrappings were scattered,
I stepped on a tack,
as I picked up the mess,
I pulled out my back!

The boxes and bows were found everywhere,
and a sticky candy cane was glued
to a chair.

Cookies half eaten, and the cheese was like rubber,
I reached for the vacuum and a found a new scrubber.

And as I was cleaning, I paused for a minute,
and saw that the fishbowl had a rubber ball in it!

I wasn't upset, I didn't go mad,
and I thought for a moment,
bout the good time we had.

The family together, made everything right,
we all got along, their wasn't a fight.

As I am cleaning,
I shed a few tears,
for the loved ones we've missed,
over the years.

Now that it's over, and my thoughts are all clear,
I wish all a blessed holiday,

And another...

Entitled: Dave
     Where has all the music gone?
We sat for hours and listened to the songs you used to play
not thinking that one day, it would sadly go away
We sat for hours and listened to the stories you would tell,
and now there is quiet, but we remember them so well
We sat for hours at firesides, you kept adding so much wood
and now the fire pit's as empty as the places where you stood
We sat for hours and reminisced about years of long ago
and the tears and laughter that we shared, had only helped us grow.....
It's been a year since you left us, and remember you we will,
theirs an empty spot inside of us, that only you can fill.
But our memories will sustain us, and help to get us through,
and when we hear "Brown Eyed Girl" we will always think of you!

Thanks Mom.

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