Monday, August 2, 2010

Little bit FURTHUR than you've gone before...

Just got back from a wild weekend in NYC and CT.
By some miracle got into both shows FOR FREE! that's a savings of $190!
The Nokia show was fantastic, but nothing compares to the Gathering of the Vibes Furthur show on Friday. I swear they tailor made the show for me. Every song I waned to hear they played, AMAZING. I've had one hell of a week, so a few good shows was exactly what I needed.

Unfortunately didn't sell any necklaces, because security was pretty strict at GOTV and in NYC, it was too much of a hassle . (plus we got there kinda late for all that)

The weekend was a success despite no necklace sales. There is always Thursday's party in the park (Galactic)and Friday's music on the bricks (Donna the Buffalo)to make up for it. Hope to see ya there!
Paloma, Ally and I about 20 min. after we walked onto the Vibes lot.
About 45 min before the show.

Mikey being Mikey
Beautiful sunset before the show.
My little slice of heaven at the show.

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