Sunday, April 11, 2010

I love Sundays

Overall, today was a pretty relaxing day. I did some grocery shopping this morning, then Craig and I took the dogs for a long walk in the sunshine. Next, I did some crafting while Craig played some online poker while watching Julie/Julia together. Craig didn't do so well at poker, which means that he was freed up hours early. That turned out to be a good thing because we ended up taking a long bike ride to Charlotte Beach. This the first time my big butt got on a bike in years, (man, they make bike seats small these days!) I must be crazy out of shape because I was getting winded, and the ride is 90% downhill! Definitely got a work out though. It was about 6pm when we finally reached Charlotte, and we had some great timing because the RTS bus came rolling on up as soon as we got there. We quickly shared a Cheeseburger and fries and hopped on. I don't think my out of shape body could take the bike ride back home, must have been meant to be.

Ahh, so finally I'm home! I got a lot to do before the Dave Matthew's Band concert in May. About 100 necklaces to put together, So I guess that is what I'm going to start working on now. Got about 30 tile necklaces, 15 washer necklaces and 70 spoon necklaces.

I have to fund a summer of music, fun, and travel and there is no better way than kicking it off with a few Dave Matthew's shows. Last year my sister Amy and I went down to the Darien Lake show, (near Buffalo,NY) just for fun, thinking that we might sell a few necklaces while we hung out and partied. Three hours, 3 beers, and a free cheeseburger later, we had made over $400! (and had a BLAST doing it) So Amy and I have made a pact to do it again this year. I have been working on building up my hemp necklace inventory for about a month now. I'm also going to bring a bunch of my new creations to see how well they do this year. I made a dozen or so DMB recycled spoon necklaces too, maybe I'll put one or two up on Etsy to see how they do.

Well, off to do more crafting. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Erin Gursslin
Sunshyne Silverwear

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