Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Quirky is the new normal,right?

So if you happen to be on Facebook, you may have seen the new trendy game going around about listing off obscure facts about yourself for the amusement (and sometimes shock) of your Facebook friends.

I'm kind of in love with this idea.

I very much enjoy reading about the quirks and little known facts of my acquaintances, family members and other cohorts.

Everyone pretends that they are Charlie's Angels
while trying on bridesmaid's dresses, don't they? (I'm the 'angel' in green)

So I decided to make a little list for myself. I do realize this may either let you understand me more or make you roll your eyes and think "this chick really IS a weirdo" but it's all good, I'm willing to take the risk to let you into my life a little bit.

1. I'm a confessed horrible dish washer. Do the undersides of bowls and plates HAVE to be scrubbed if there's no food on them? 

2. I think it's kinda hot when a guy can drive a car with his knee. (like while he's unwrapping a candy bar or checking the map)  

3. I've broken into my own cars and houses MANY times because I'd locked myself out. Gimme a coat hanger or a paperclip and I will Macgyver my way into that sucker.  

4. I have NEVER been able to touch my toes while standing up. Not even when I took gymnastics as a little girl. (must just be my extremely long legs...I wish)

5. For the first 25 years of my life I lived with a pretty big birthmark right in the middle of nose, and even through elementary and high school, nobody EVER made fun of me. (at least not in front of my face)
I had it removed when it started to change shape, now I have a little scar there.

6. I secretly want to be a hobo. Well, more like I would love to know the freedom of giving up all of my possessions and responsibilities to really live in the moment.

7. If you are ever over my house for dinner, it is a pretty sure thing that the plates you are eating off of have been licked by my dogs within the last week. Also, see #1.

Pic of me with birthmark (age 6?) and yes, I am still just
as sweet. 

Only the best for our puppers.   

Well that was fun!!  Now I know you want to join in the game. Feel free to comment with an obscure fact or funny quirk of your own...

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  2. Back in action on the blog! I will try my best not to tease you about reaching your toes.