Friday, June 1, 2012

Summertime = Road Trip Season!!

I have a feeling this summer is going to go by in a flash! I'm very excited about the many new crafts shows I will be participating in, but my favorite part will be the road trips and music concerts!! 

Sunshyne Silverwear on Shakedown at Phish Bethel,NY 2011

Last year I spent weeks on tour with Phish and Furthur, this year I wont be seeing as many because of craft show conflicts, but the ones I will be attending are going to be amazing!! 
First one of the year is in about 2 weeks. I'm traveling with some friends to Atlantic City,NJ to see a 3 day Phish run at Bader Field air base. The only thing that would make this trip even more fantastic, is if they let us camp right on the scene, unfortunately the old days are long gone and we must get a hotel room. My thrifty side would rather stick it out in a tent to save a few bucks, but my 32 year old rational mind knows that it will be nice to take a shower every day and sleep in a comfortable bed. Although, with casinos galore only miles from the concert site, I'm not sure if there will be enough time to sleep!

Phish Halloween in AC

I ended up going through Phish mail order to get tickets because Phish makes each show's ticket special. Different artwork for each date. They make great keepsakes. I also bought the parking pass so that I will have no problem scooting in there and setting up on Shakedown. (for those of you that don't now, 'Shakedown' is an area of vendors and artists in the parking lot of certain concerts where you can buy anything from T-shirts, pins and posters to food, drinks and other party favors. Vendors sell their wares to get from one show to the next. Concert tickets, tolls, food, hotels and gas are just some of the expenses we try to cover by selling 'on lot')

Mail order Phish Tickets

I have never been to AC, but hear that the Phish Halloween run there a few years ago was out of this world. I am looking forward to running into old friends from tour and hopefully meeting some new ones. Woot!! Let the summer begin!!!!

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