Friday, April 20, 2012

Long StRaNgE Trip: Part II

So, on Saturday April 6th, I found my self  'on lot' around 4pm. Parked in the same parking spot as the day before, but all the vendors were set up on the sidewalk instead of in the lot. I asked a fellow vendor what was up and he told me that the lot attendants were not letting us vend there again because of the mess that was made the night before.

NOTE: Just for the record, 90% of the folks that vend (like me) to make enough money to get from one show to the next are responsible with their trash (and in general). In fact most of us carry around garbage bags and hand them out to vendors that forgot theirs. Those of us that are part of the vending community, we look after one another when we can and try to make sure the 'scene is clean'. On day 2 in Boston, the crazy mess was from the careless Nitrous Mafia. Thousands of balloons were left on the ground by careless folks after the show. This had nothing to do with the vendors, but unfortunately, this is not the first time we have been blamed for the NM's greed and carelessness. 

Anywhoo, I found a good spot on the street and started to vend. Surprisingly, the scene was still decent and I had already made enough money to cover my ticket for the show when the cops told us to break down. At that point I had to do it old school style and walk around with my necklaces hanging off of a dowel.
Surprisingly, I made about $20 more than the day before. Packed it in around 7:30pm and was in the venue a moment before the music started.
BTW, the Wang is BEAUTIFUL, checkout the foyer and the inside of the theater:

ceiling inside the theater

Wang Theater foyer

My Connecticut friends had gone home the night before, and my Rochester friends were near the back of the theater, so I found my seat (about 5th row left center) and boogied down in the isle for the first set. During set break, Katy found me and we gabbed until the second set began.

Set break with Katy

By second set, I was running out of steam. then after one of the mean Wang Theater ushers (AKA isle Nazis) grabbed my arm and said that if I didn't get to my seat ASAP, she was going to kick me out, (ME!? I was just dancing like the other 50 people in the isles!) I made my way to the balcony where I was sure to find more room and maybe even a seat to sit in.
I ended up in the highest corner of the balcony. My back was literally up against the rear wall. I watched the show from up there for the last 4 songs or so.      4/6/12 set list  
When the encore came on, I bolted back to the car. I was ready for a good nights sleep on a comfy couch. Thankfully I had the spare keys to the apartment, so I let myself in and in 20 minutes I was fast asleep only to be woken up by the LOUDEST snoring of all time, at about 3am. (one of the hazards of touring with a group of people) 
So needless to say, I slept the next couple hours in the bathroom. I NEEDED to get at LEAST 2 closed doors between me and the bandsaw. 
I was the first to wake at 7am so I  took a shower and packed my things. After a fun breakfast with everyone, by noon I was on the road to Wallingford,CT.  The BEST show of the tour!

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