Thursday, March 22, 2012

Survey Time! Which color do you like best for the living room?

 I have sort of hit a wall with the whole re-painting the living room thing. (no pun intended). So I could really use some suggestions on color. I have been buying those sample colors you can get at Home Depot for $3 and the walls are staring to look like a masterpiece of their own. I have tried 8 colors so far and nor sure I am happy with any of them. What do you think? 

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Here is a video of the living room. As you will see, my couch may win the award for 'ugliest piece of furniture EVER.' The wall paint does not need to match the couch because I am hoping to kick it to the curb very soon. (literally) 

Thanks for your input!! Any suggestions are much appreciated.


  1. Lots of great feedback and suggestions so far. Thanks for your input and keep em coming!

  2. Keep it a light color to reflect the small amount of sunlight that you do get. Or perhaps not? Ultimately you will decide for yourself. Good luck!