Monday, March 12, 2012

It was well over due...Part I

Ok, as some of you know, I own a small two family house in the city of Rochester. Originally, the plan was to live here 5 years then resell, hopefully at a profit, to buy a one family house in a better neighborhood. Well, that was 10 years ago now. I have come to accept the fact that this house is my home, and will be for some time to come. I live well within my means here, and the rental downstairs helps tremendously with the mortgage.  I guess I partially never really accepted the fact that the 'five year plan' disintegrated a long time ago, so I never really made this house my own. What I mean by that is, I never repainted or redecorated to my liking. Until now.
1:00 am, and still at it

Being an artist, I have come to realize that the craft show doesn't end after I pack up and go home. This year I invited many folks into my home studio to shop my wares. While it does give me a good excuse to clean up around the house, there is no hiding the ugly wall colors. It was time for my artistic taste to reflect onto my home. The goal is to paint the hallway, bedroom and living room before the spring crafts show madness begins. Here is part one...

This is the hallway you enter after walking in the main door
 Before, it was this UGLY pinkish, salmonish color that always looked dingy to me. Lets call it 'dirty bubblegum' (my living room is the same color, blah!) The worst part is that all of the rooms I have to paint are stippled. Which means that you have to go over it once with a thick nap roller, then at LEAST once more with a paintbrush filling in all the nooks and crannys that the roller missed. It's pretty tedious, and makes your eyes go buggy after a while.
Looking down the opposite end of the hallway
It was totally worth it in the end. I absolutely LOVE the color I chose (Behr's 'Delectable'). It such a bright and happy color that makes a great first impression when walking in the door.
And I have BIG plans for this hallway. I want to showcase all of my artist friend's work and pieces I find along my craft show journey. I want the whole hallway, top to bottom, to be filled with art. This is just the beginning...
Got this piece at The Grassroots Gallery

My friend Jen made this awesome quilled  piece for my
30th birthday

This was a trade at a Phish concert in Vermont last year

Serendipity Photos
I am just about done with the bedroom now. Part II coming soon!

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  1. Love love love the color! We moved into our new (old ) house last summer and 90% of the house was painted a basic off white color, so I am slowly working on doing the same. My kids bedrooms have been the first projects so I'll have to share photos too :) love before and after shots, which I, of course, forgot to do!

  2. Thanks Tiff! I was so excited to start the painting that I ALMOST forgot to take the 'before' pics. :)