Monday, March 21, 2011

Do It, Live It, Teach It: Wine Cork Sailboats

A quick and easy craft you can do with the kids. (or for yourself, if you are a kid at heart like me!)
Make these fun boats you can race, all you need is a few basic supplies that most everyone has laying around the house:

a couple of wine corks
colorful paper (i used some origami paper)
screws (for the keels)
a serrated knife or small hand saw
blow dryer or fan (to set sail!)

Step one: cut the cork in half lengthwise. (and a little video tip on how i did it:)  
Step 2: insert a screw to serve as the keel near one end of the halved cork (on the rounded side)
you can also use a screw driver to make it a little easier. 

Step 3:  Cut colorful paper into small triangles and impale them onto the toothpicks.
Step 4: Stick the toothpick into the flat side of the cork and you have made yourself a cork boat! Now time to set sail!

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