Monday, February 28, 2011

Do it. Live it. Teach it.

In addition to introducing and exploring the creativity of the artists in my life, once a month I am going to take the time to share new ways I am making my life more Eco-friendly.  Some easy, simple things anyone can do to make the world a 'Greener' place. I'm calling this segment 'Do it. Live it. Teach it'
For my first installment, I would like to show you how i made this cute, fashionable dog collar out of an old button up shirt. I found this fun tutorial on Sew Doggy Style Blog. I thought it was so cute I had to share it AND it is SO simple. The only things you need are:

~ An old button up shirt with a collar. This project is made extra easy if the collar has a button already on it like the one i am using.  (best to try the collar on Fido before you cut it up to make sure that it will fit)

~ A bottle of Fray Check. This is used to stop fabric from fraying. (this can be found at any craft store. I got   mine at Joanne Fabrics for $1.50 with their online 50% off coupon.)

~ A pair of scissors

~ And of course an adorable model for your finished project.

The shirt I chose to use was found in the back of my closet. It was used while painting my hallway years ago so unfortunately cannot be donated, but will be *PERFECT* for this project.

Step 1.
Cut the collar right off of the shirt.

Step 2. 
Use the Frey Check on the cut you just made. 

Step 3.
Oh wait, there is no step 3...your project is finished! (see, wasn't that simple)
Now for the fashion show...
I know some of you out there who dont have a dog are thinking that this tutorial wont do you any good. Well THINK AGAIN! These cute collars also can also spruce up a child's old teddy bear, they make GREAT GIFTS for the dog lover in your life, or hell, spice up your love life by surprising your significant other by wearing the collar (and ONLY the collar) The possibilities are endless....;)
As for the rest of the shirt, I up-cycled it by making it into 2 chew toys for my 2 good doggies. 
First, I took out all of the buttons. (and put them in my 'pile o craft supplies' for later use) then cut the shirt into 12 long strips, 6 strips for each toy.
Tie 6 strips together, leaving about 4 inches of cloth at the end.
After that, I just braided the strips and tied another knot leaving 4 inches of cloth at the other end and VOILA! A handmade toy your canine companion is sure to love.

Best part is, you just saved yourself at least $20 by making these items yourself rather than buying them at the big box pet store.  What could be better than being green while saving some green? 



  1. I didn't know about Fray Check before! I'll have to get some for when I make my fabric flower barrettes. I've been scorching the fabric with a lighter so far, but some fabrics, like cotton, just burn and don't scorch too this stuff will be perfect!

  2. Awesome! Can't wait to see how they turn out.