Sunday, June 13, 2010

Home Town DMB

Craig, my sister Amy and I all trekked up to Darien Lake,NY (near Buffalo). Got on lot around  3:30pm and settled in for a long day of selling necklaces and hanging out. We had an amazing time. Laughed so hard that my stomach hurt and I almost peed my pants! Met up with some really nice folks that I hope to see again come Further and Phish tour.
We had some good luck (found a ticket on the ground of the lot) and some bad luck (bought 2 fake tickets from a couple of young girls) but Craig ended up getting in to see the show while my sister and I laughed it up in the car while the rain poured down in sheets.
I'll never forget dancing to Ants Marching with Amy out in the lot, just the two of us after the rain. (and of course the naked chick we saw out of nowhere)
This is why I do this, folks...

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